British Oaktree Campus Private Ltd will aim to accommodate students from Akkaraipattu and the surrounding areas. Akkaraipattu which is a municipal council, a town thriving with new talented prospects that are unable to travel to Colombo or Kandy due to the distance of the other training facilities currently in Sri Lanka. The campus will offer state of the art facilities and the highest quality of mentoring which will ensure the success of the student. The Centre will mainly focus on offering the students an opportunity to break stereotypes and excel in their current place of residence.

Due to the Centre being situated in the heart of Akkaraipattu it is near the bus stand which means students can easily commute to and from the Centre whilst making massive savings on the travel costs. This factor alone is very appealing to locals as it is otherwise inaccessible and unfeasible to receive this education and higher education.

The target market is built from 3 minority ethnic groups: Singhalese, Tamil and Muslim. However, the Centre will encourage female students to enroll in addition the male population as this opportunity is otherwise unavailable to females due to tradition and cultural values of the local residence. Female will not be able to travel far from the family home so this new Centre based in their home town is the perfect opportunity to begin their career in finance and other area. And also we aim to take on new students who have just completed GCE A/L. Also, we aim to cater for local residences who can access the campus over a short walk or a bus journey taking less than 30 minutes